Sunday, June 10, 2007

One Love, Many Times

I typed in a prompting for more information, "tell me more about this single love of your species." I was intrigued.

The terminal began to type-out,"for you earthlings, love is a mutual thing, often monogamous. For us, we meet and if the time is right we will mate right then and there. It is not uncommon to see two individuals suddenly become enraptured and erupt into a fierce lovemaking act regardless of location: public parks (very popular); street corners, in the street, while crossing the street; in transport vehicles; at work - why this just happened to not long ago.

You see, for us our chemistry is much more volatile than yours. We constantly shift our genetic structure around and this modifies our pheromones. When two individuals arrive at genetically compatible states they will exude the proper chemical attractant. If this attractant is sensed, the chain-reaction to these individuals is deeply instinctual will result in the mating act.

When the moment is over a genetic shift signals the end of the interlude and the individuals part ways.

Would you like to hear more about our society?"

The cursor blinked back at me. I thought yes, but typed, "no".

My 10 minutes with this society had expired. What did I have left, 50 more societal contacts to make before the end of my shift. How could something as remarkable as contacting alien societies have become so tedious?

Making love in the street: I couldn't stop thinking about it on the way home that evening - I suspect no man could.

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