Monday, December 23, 2013

World Interview

This is the first world I have interviewed. I am the first new interviewer in several million years.

I will finish interviewing the final thousand beings shortly, at which point I will need to file my report.

The problem is that I think I've found the most anomalous world yet discovered! I should be free from emotions of the distant beings, and yet I have some specter in my emergent systems of worry...yes, I think that is what it is.

Too many of my algorithms and such are hitting exceptions, and logs are filling at rates much higher than expected. All these warnings are resulting in a general sense of anxiety - or that's what the small analogue in a distant being would be called.

The brand new interviewer: This will not look good - but I have to believe that my results are correct.

And also, most disturbing and disruptive is the fact that on top of this most anomalous world I may have discovered the most anomalous being!

This is why we interview. To have accepted this entire world into the intergalactic culture without getting a profile would have resulted in unimaginable turmoil...and yet, the turmoil is coming even with the interviews.

The clarity group will definitely debate the massiveness group on this one.

should be interesting, should be exciting!...will be uncomfortable...especially for me.

What a first day!