Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Asleep and Forgotten

“So this is where I work at night? It’s bright. It’s clean!

“These chairs, lounge-chair kind of things, are nice. Memory foam? And is this some kind of computer interface?”

The lead and the resident tech looked at one another, realizing or remembering that he was in a special state. By executive order he was to be shown, as though in a dream, his second home.

They both smiled and uttered some friendly words of encouragement to him. Words that were muffled and incomprehensible to him, but he smiled back nonetheless.

This was his lab. Or is was where he worked on things. The white lounge chairs, why so many of them then? Are there others? Were there once others? Will there be others?

They look brand new.

And it’s definitely a basement.

Dominating this pristine basement it a laboratory? was a large screen...or the large area where stuff would be projected…

He was losing it now. No more could be risked.

Falling asleep on the couch during the meeting.

Heat levels critical.

Life is but a dream.