Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the horrors of living 100,000 years ago in the rift valley.

the horrors of living 100,000 years ago in the rift valley.

By hyperlaunching 100,000 light years from earth, and using this totally sweet teledetector the androids had put together, we could see birds-eye and in 3D reproduction the past of earth. This detector's adaptive detection was so powerful as to allow us to view the resonant imaging of the minds of those we watched from afar.

We could now, in fact, read the minds of the ancients.

Our lab found the arguably first true human tribe. What a pleasure - to be granted lease to watch the next century or two of this tribe.

Even 21st century videos just can't compare.


the leg is cut.

the artery is cut.

It can't be reconnected.

It must be cut off.

Please bear it.

We shall cauterize it.

we shall save the life.

Your life will be saved.


My life has been saved.

my life now has no point.

without my leg I am useless.

I am a burden and I have pain.

It is his fault.

I should have died.

Slowly, yes. Painfully, yes.

But I should have died.

It is his fault.

He should die.

He should die for my pain.

This is how the first scientist was killed. After helping to save the tribe leader by a leap of intuition and supported by experimental evidence gained through careful examination and testing on animals. The first scientist had begun to learn and make exceptional tools.

But the tribe leader in his catacomb of pain and lacking reason had the scientist killed.

But the scientist's reason was his salvation.

For the solopist only dies to the others.

Monday, June 8, 2009

James Smith

Ok, you see, the key is to make certain the matter extrapolators using matter extrapolation see you, in the past. If they do, then you can communicate to them and let them know how to cooperate with you in order to affect events.

how to catch their attention???

...and then I was suddenly a data unit to them, the early extrapolators.

to save this miss-sent email, or to delete it?

in the overall big picture it made a huge difference down the road, say, a few thousand years...

when all other copies are deleted, if I were to have saved it, imagine the consequences.

It seemed I was fortunate to have a common name...

...or perhaps unfortunate, as the case may be.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It Was Time to Kill the gods.

They were just too damn old.

They needed to go.

They had the power and they were going to end human reproduction.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

"The war was getting worse, but the jokes were getting better." - Tymbrimi vs. human war of 20,200AD

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mine was Earth.

And so I began my journey to Earth - there was probably not much time.

Not long ago, after it had been discovered how to reach the other worlds, this initiative had become our primary motivation.

To use dangerous, but fast and powerful machines we expanded our reach imensely. The entire galaxy was now ours, and we had many emmesarries en-route to many locations.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In the universe where I had stepped-out in front of it.

Without thinking, I plucked the small piece of foil from within the Fridge Pak(tm) container. I was just about to toss it in the rubbish bin when I thought: 

Why am I making this action?
could I cause something bad by doing this?
might my wife wish this smallish bit of metal to have been left in there?
was i in fact setting forth some action, or perhaps...

I thought back a few years earlier when I had nearly been killed stepping off a curb, by a bus. A nice woman , and sensible, warned me a few moments before I went.

It wasn't that close of a call, I guess. When you look back at it though, the fear of seeing that big thing fly by me made me feel as though I had diverged that day. 

Monday, March 23, 2009

Enhanced maybe

Dude, take off the enhancements.

What? oh, alright.

: he sets down his glasses.
: he continues's what's her name?


with the blond hair and the pink something. that thing you wear around...

it was a tie right?

No, it had a name because....dude. I can't think of what anything is called.

that is a problem.

yes, it is difficult to carry on a regular conversation without the enhancements. I remember, some years ago, when you instated that 'no phone' policy in your house.

I recall.

I felt a little disconnected when I couldn't access the internet.

Yes, it is important to disconnect now and then, perhaps maybe.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

did you hear they finished the intercontinental maglev channels?

No way. We've been working on that for 10 years now.  
I know. They finished it overnight.

That's stupendous. Of course, it doesn't really matter anymore.

Right. Who's going to want to use it?