Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the horrors of living 100,000 years ago in the rift valley.

the horrors of living 100,000 years ago in the rift valley.

By hyperlaunching 100,000 light years from earth, and using this totally sweet teledetector the androids had put together, we could see birds-eye and in 3D reproduction the past of earth. This detector's adaptive detection was so powerful as to allow us to view the resonant imaging of the minds of those we watched from afar.

We could now, in fact, read the minds of the ancients.

Our lab found the arguably first true human tribe. What a pleasure - to be granted lease to watch the next century or two of this tribe.

Even 21st century videos just can't compare.


the leg is cut.

the artery is cut.

It can't be reconnected.

It must be cut off.

Please bear it.

We shall cauterize it.

we shall save the life.

Your life will be saved.


My life has been saved.

my life now has no point.

without my leg I am useless.

I am a burden and I have pain.

It is his fault.

I should have died.

Slowly, yes. Painfully, yes.

But I should have died.

It is his fault.

He should die.

He should die for my pain.

This is how the first scientist was killed. After helping to save the tribe leader by a leap of intuition and supported by experimental evidence gained through careful examination and testing on animals. The first scientist had begun to learn and make exceptional tools.

But the tribe leader in his catacomb of pain and lacking reason had the scientist killed.

But the scientist's reason was his salvation.

For the solopist only dies to the others.

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