Wednesday, September 10, 2014

fearless people

they captured one. they managed to get him away from the robots.

It was not easy.

But they had captured one. Then they began to threaten it.

"Human we will kill you. what do you think of that?"

The human looked at them with curiosity.


They smiled, saying "Because you are human, of course!"

Then threw their heads back in laughter.

The human, now a bit confused asked, "Yes, I see that reason but what causes you to do this?"

They began delauging a bit, then serioused.

"Well human, you see, our goal is specifically to instill fear in you!"

There was a moment of silence before the human spoke. "fear? We humans do not experience fear anymore."

And after some badness showed this assertion true did they realize the unavoidable inevitability of human expansion.