Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Whispers: Hearing the Voices

“He has, like, some resisitance. Or, actually, some immunity...something...”
“What do you mean exactly?”
“The poisoning has worked in the past so well. the infections have all gone fine - but this one is an elite controller...also other anomolies are present.”
“And, just to be clear, your department still feels this one is not suitable for assasination?”
“As I have already stated, investigations have led to the conclusion that there are a lot of ramifications if that were carried-out. in fact, there is indication that there are ramifications that can’t even be calculated.”
“what is so special about this one? This one has isolation and has created no salient philosophies”
“true enough, but, although no direct evidence has been found, it does appear there might be protection surrounding this one.”
“protection? by whom?”
“unknown. but perhaps ‘by whom’ is the wrong question...personally, and do not let this leave our confidence, the right question might be, ‘by what’.”
“‘by what’? Are you serious?”
“I find no humanly possible explanation for this.”
“what should we do then?”
“And now it is time for me to state that for which I truly have requested your audience to state. We know it is already to late.”
“Too late?!”
“At this time, we might simply focus on making sure we are comfortable and easing the pain for ourselves.”
“you are saying we are dying!”
“we are. we have been for some time. there is nothing we can do.”
“we can bring them down with us!”
“we cannot. they are now out of our reach....’it’ was out of our sight the whole time, and now ‘it’ is both beyond our reach and too powerful even if we could reach it.
We might as well grasp at the Sea to hold it back...Sir, since we are at an end I have no worry in expressing that I feel relief.”
“Sir, I am relieved.”

And with that, a silenced pistol was revealed.

The greatest stories begin at the end.

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