Sunday, June 24, 2007

The End and Begining of an Age

"Look, it really is happening. There is no denying it now. Winter is not leaving this time." The experīrī emphatically pointed to the 10-year chart of weather patterns. "You can see right here, the temperature has in fact dropped even further than the last freeze 20 years ago. not to mention that freeze only lasted 5 years, maybe 7. This is a full 10 years we are talking about right now - you can't believe what the leaders are telling you. It is time to leave."

The experīrī stared flatly at the student. Inside his heart, the student felt something shift suddenly. This shift then transformed into a dull sick sensation in the pit of his stomach. It was time to leave, the student no longer had a shred of doubt left in him. It was time to head south, time to leave the city of a dozen pyramids - the city only 100 years old. It was a pity, so much knowledge, so much potential. All of it was going to be frozen under ice for thousands of years.

The student wished that his people had a god to which he could pray; it would be false comfort, yes, but any comfort in this bitter winter would be welcome. This frigid winter of millenia.

In his heart he prayed to his ancestors for their children; In his soul he merely hoped; in his mind he layed plans for the hasty, dangerous journey, the escape he was about to make.

A mad dash south for thousands of miles until they would return to the civilization his people left only 200 years earlier. His people had not forgotten where they had come from, or why. The student wondered if the civilization they left had not forgotten as well.


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purposefully penned twice? curious :)

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I love ctrl-v! :P