Monday, June 4, 2007

Love, 3130.

"You are willing, then? I am willing," through the glass panel of his environmental suit He looked at her. She raised her eyes slowly to meet his.

Directly, she told him, "Yes."

Emotion welled up inside them as for the first time in their lives they prepared to remove the suits in the presence, and well within the contamination perimeter, of another person.

This was not an unusual way for classic humans to first expose themselves to another, nor was it an unusual way to die.

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:| said...

More than a million generations within a human lifetime. Microorganisms were the first form of life to be affected evolutionarily by human civilization.

As the humans bred dogs and each other for better survival from the environment, the small ones were bred by the environment of the human organism. An environment at once both more promising, and more hostile than any encountered before.

The humans actually managed to wipe out entire species which had evolved to survive so well inside them.

When life encounters extreme environmental pressures, it innovates.

The oxygen crisis and it's hoards of air-loving progeny; the Cambrian explosion's lovely collection of hard bodies; the rise of the very mind which placed this new pressure upon the small ones.

The small ones innovated.