Monday, May 28, 2007


"I see there is no convincing you. So I will just tell you how this occurred. During imagery rehearsal I found myself not just within a dream, but literally within another life and just as a dream, I was unaware that I was within the dream. I went about my daily life - it was a very pleasant day - and then returned home. I soon awoke to find myself back here as myself. This has been happening for some time, months actually, and I can now somewhat control the process. For example, I knew that in order to convince you I would need to connect with myself in some universe where I was a neuroscientist. I did so, and brought back with me a couple meaningless ideas. Of course, the meaningless ideas were anything but that to you - I was certain you would be convinced."

"Phillip, the brain IS a quantum-filter, so to speak - I agree with you there. But it cannot be, well, adjusted to filter differently as you imply."

"Well, I'm just...I'm just not sure I can explain this any other way. It is not possible that I can do and know these things unless this is true. You admit yourself that I was able to help you resolve some of your own research problems in brain imaging. I have dozens of similar examples."

"An impressive feat! I admit that readily. But I see nothing more than a close colleague who has hidden or not discovered a prodigious learning ability until now. Go, use this ability, but do not go blabbing about your supposed source of knowledge."

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