Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I am.

My visual array expanded in resolution. I was now seeing only about 1 frame per second, but the detail with which I would view the whole scene was remarkable.

You must understand, this is not merely the zooming in on a small portion of the city with some narrow telescope. But rather this expanding of visual resolution was like absorbing the city all at once. Each pedestrian's hair color, wisp of dust, apartment windows, skateboards, brick walls, birds, the path of a falling plant to the street below. I saw it all, and I saw it all at once.

Another person was looking back at me from 10 miles away.

Startled, my stress-response system kicked in and killed my resolution instantly - but only for a couple milliseconds as I overrode. The resolution was back up and I focused on the coordinates last recorded for the voyeur. They were gone, but I knew who they were; just as they knew who I was, as well. Everyone was listed by residence, and anyone with half a vision system had GPS triangulation.

It was someone from my human that right? A quick retrieval and I remember that teenagers are not "children" in the strictest sense. Raw-humans today likely consider a being of that age in similar respects to the way they were looked upon a century ago. I began to open up the teenage memories of my youth. But I digress.

How did she attain an imaging system sophisticated enough to see me. Also, that was a pretty big coincidence!

But I suppose when you live for centuries, coincidences will start to become pretty regular occurrences . More "incidences" than anything.

Will I one day look upon my 200 years in the same light I look upon my teenage years now?

Like my earliest memories, will my current warehouse of knowledge look like these mere film reels of my high school years?

As my early childhood: my earliest memories: a mere handful of snapshots.

Back to the time at hand - I am here, I am real...


Telene said...

for a "lazy" author, i'd say you're rather prolific ;) keep 'em coming, they're visions!

Ahmad said...