Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mr. Nerdoscientist.

"I can remember every angle, every degree from galactic center to here." Savant Brian recited, and then suddenly added "Mr. Nerdoscientist."

Brian and the rest of the bridge crew giggled maniacally. One of them fell to the floor and vomited. A robot promptly removed all the mess and gently lifted the savant pilot back into position in front of the joystick.


Telene said...

this is so terse. and so strange. it's one of my favorites yet!

:| said...

Mr. Nerdoscientist is a researcher aboard an experimental starship. The starship is crewed by savants.

The natural mnemonic and mathematical abilities of these individuals, coupled with their tolerance to long periods without social interaction was theorized to make them ideal deep-space explorers, and this journey is the first experiment.

A volunteer scientist has been placed in cryogenic suspension for 5 years at a time during the journey. He is awoken and spends a week with the crew, monitoring their general health, and then returns to stasis.

They have been traveling for 20 years and during this time the crew has found it enjoyable to read all information available about the scientist; each of them is now an expert on his life.

He is apparently an object of much amusement to the crew.

jazz said...

i enjoyed both the OP and :|'s comment, might revisit!


:| said...

"in this case it can be seen that the agenesis of the corpus collosum actually resulted in new brain structures used for competitive analysis of frontal lobe activity, specifically, rather than generalized communication between the two hemispheres.

thus, higher reasoning has been granted an argumentative device at the expense of so-called conversational reaction time.

the cerebellum, however, remains unaffected by this genetic configuration, allowing for muscular control to remain on par in comparison to most control samples."