Friday, May 25, 2007

Guardian Angel

A small boy in Africa slumps over his dead mother's body. His life too is fading: starvation, disease - these will kill him soon. A shadow blocks the scorching sun.

The boy looks up into the clean mirror-like visor of a machine man. The machine man speaks to him in his native language.

"I am sorry that I have arrived too late to save your mother. But I am now here for you."

The robot reaches down and lifts the waif into his arms. The robot turns to take the small form to a nearby aid station, but pauses. He looks back over his shoulder at the lifeless form of the boy's mother, then slowly returns to the task at hand.

"we did not arrive too soon," the robot reflected solemnly, and joined the march of the thousands of other robots all carrying, helping, making their way determinedly towards a future which had begun only 24 hours before.

The frail human in his arms weakly opened his eyes and in a barely audible voice said, "You are Eranoranhan, my mother told me you would arrive for me. Thank you." The boy then closed his eyes and the robot noted his body relax into unconsciousness.

The robot continued its gentle trek to this boys recovery and mused, "I am Eranoranhan."

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