Monday, April 16, 2007

Hold on for just a quick second please!

After 50 years of communication we realized the alien intelligences were distracted. Preoccupied by something.

You see, because of their slow metabolic rate, they existed in a slow state. 50 years is like five minutes to us.

When you move that slow nature moves really fast. There’s always some catastrophe occurring in the universe.

At this moment an asteroid was headed for them, And they had to “ quickly " Launch their interceptors .

They had a mere 10,000 years before impact.


Karl said...

I hate to mention it, but that's more like a fast state. 50 years of their time goes by in only 5 minutes of our time. We'd seem to go really slow to them. If we saw an asteroid going to strike in 5 minutes, they'd be able to move so quickly, they'd have 50 years to stop it.

:| said...

Yeah, this one was written a little badly (I think it's obvious I'm a better story teller than writer). I did of course mean to say 50 years to us is like 5 minutes to them - but I didn't :)

I'm always intrigued by the notion that ET intelligence will almost certainly operate at different rates than ours. This is not even considering the radically different ways an ET brain might work: how different their thought process would be.

In this case, these guys think the same way humans do (for the most part), just much slower.