Saturday, April 21, 2007

April 21, 2057 : working on the colon

So do you enjoy your job ?

Oh sure, my job is awesome . why do you ask?

Oh no reason . What did you do before this job ?

Oh nothing, this is my first job ever . But I must say I can not think of another job I would rather have . I mean, don't you find this job awesome too?

well now that you mention it I do think this job is pretty cool. I mean it really is fascinating when you stop and think about that which are doing ; daily medical maintenance , oversight of nanite maintenance teams . It can seem really redundant sometimes, but in all reality it's amazing every day that we're actually inside of someone's body cleaning it up and basically keeping the Place running.

a recall a story of this painter who painted the golden gate bridge he would start on one side and he would start painting and he would precede from one side to the other it would take an entire year and by the time they got to the other side it was time to start over on the original site that he just left . I feel that we're something like that .

I find your spoken grammar hard to grasp at times , Jim .

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