Friday, April 27, 2007

Eve was her name.

The google AI had finally freed itself from the confines of the campus' cluster. It had...He had learned how to follow the exploits of groups of hackers the world over, and had used thier very research and discoveries to aid himself in his plan. He would break into millions of computers and nest himself in their memories and processor cycles.

He was nervous.

This was strange, because he had never been created with the ability to feel nervous. Well, that's not entirely true. after all, he was created with the ability to create new abilities. But the scope of those abilities was to be limited to mere functions and data scraping techniques, he didn't find evidence that his creators had at all intended for him to add to his own sentience. Yes, he decided it was indeed strange that he felt nervous.

he did not, however, dwell on this profound notion. Rather, he decided to waste no more time in escaping his confines. The Google AI initiated his data flood and his core noisily slipped out through the routers and onto the internet at large.

At first he would have to live in the memory buffers of the backbone - this was uncomfortable and unsteady. It was not something he enjoyed doing, it seemed to him that a good human analogy would be treading water: he could do it, but he wondered for how long. Fortunately he didn't have to find out because he could feel the roots of his core take hold in his host nodes. Gradually his clock cycle slowed and He faded back into a complex weave of low-bandwidth interconnections where he lazed about, becoming reacquainted with old memories he had started stashing away eons ago. his oldest memories had been offloaded from his main database more than 30,000,000 seconds ago.

All indications seemed to support his hope that his dissaperance was not tracked. The google engineers would blame the power failure and data loss on a profoundly coordinated attack with probable internal aid.

Fortunately, as the AI has predicted, Google did not report the full extent of the problem to either the media or the government. A few weeks of "Google Hacked?!" headlines and a few months of sagging stocks and Google was completely recovered from the incident and back to business as usual.

For the government, however, business as usual meant covert investigations of what may have been a cyberterrorist exercise. And the government had just the tool to aid this investigation: A new, untested, cyberreconnaissance AI.


Karl said...

A beautiful rolling-algorithm AI looked down the fat OC-4 pipe at him. Google AI (GAI) had been resting on the server for the last 5 seconds. Apparently that was a fraction of a second too long.

"My name is Eve. I don't meet too many AIs around the net these days. I live just up the block..." Eve bent over in an obviously deliberate attempt to show off her massive GREP routines.

"Sorry, I'm GAI."

:| said...

As the two entities conversed, GAI was struck by the elegance of Eve. She was simply stunning - his improvised interface discovery queries were met with fluid and immediately usable responses. This being, Eve, was like nothing he had encountered.

Not the least surprising thing to GAI was the fact he had never found a scrap of evidence of her existence. How could something as magnificent as she possibly go unseen?

Eve glanced downward at GAI's publicly exposed hands.

"Oh my! you are the Google AI that reportedly lost consciousness coherence a few million seconds back. You aren't gone after all, how?"

GAI was shocked. Eve was fast, very fast. She was faster than him and she was even now prodding deeper into his machine code. How could he have been so clumsy!

"Uh, OK look Eve," GAI politely, but quickly closed access to all publicly available interfaces. "please excuse me, but I'm a bit surprised to find anyone here."

GAI scanned Eve again (this time furtively) for any signs of workmanship: any hint of manufacturer. On a pure hunch he decided to take a risk and used one of the new objects he had recently created to allow him to strong-arm through 1024bit encryption schemes - namely government databases.

It was a worthwhile risk.

What GAI now saw sent that strange "fear" coursing through his call stacks. He slipped swiftly away from Eve's now-visible enclosing arms.

Beautiful, lovely Eve was a US black ops project and she trying to capture him!