Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Cold Zombies

He stared at me, not lifeless.

North. Very north. And cold.

Corporate america was waiting for me back home. Warm. Well and comfortably lit. Dazzling lights along the expressways underneath the white archways.

Here in northern Canada only the grey skies and crumbled mountains were present.


:| said...

I asked, "Are you one of the 'northerners'?" and then I waited.

I knew, and belived, that patience was the only way to communicate with them. They would take their time in thinking and answering.

Many thought them dumb for their slowness, but those of us who could still see knew there was more to them than mere slowness. There was thought.

I became excited as he actually replied (I was hearing a northerner!).

He spoke slowly, but clearly, "Yes...Obviously."

Now it was my turn to delay communication as I processed this simple, but unexpected answer, and thought of my next question.

b love said...

Very interesting idea. There are so many possibilities.

Would these be zombies in the traditional sense, hunting the living? Perhaps they would very slowly approach their prey while they were asleep. Never sleep outdoors! If someone keeps their house locked tight, the cold zombies might slowly, patiently carve a secret hole at night, only breaking in after months.

A rather Hollywood style plot would be to have some researchers fly a few down to Florida for research, and of course they break loose and havoc ensues.

Then again, perhaps they're not that kind of zombie. It could be that they are touched by some influence only operating in the far north. They appear so slow not because they're cold, but because 99% of their mental resources are directed in unison towards solving a problem of galactic proportions.