Saturday, November 19, 2011

 "He was never in reno!!!"

And he, while in the garage, knocked over the third corona bottle and broke it on the cement floor...but it was not in reno? HOW! In what way did this occur!!!???

"What" or "How" is, again, not the question."Why", rather, is.


b love said...

This is quite abstract. You have said what the question is "Why," and I wonder why it is "Why".

He was not in Reno, and neither was the bottle. Was the garage in Reno, and is it now?

I imagine it would have been easier for any other person to simply drive to Reno, open the door, and walk into the garage. So presumably, he had a very good reason not to do it that way. To go to that much trouble implies he had unusually strong motivation. I suspect that is why "Why" is the question.

:| said...

10 years earlier, with a fresh research rant, a man began a big simulation using AI agents which were emulating human cortical reactions, in order to view social interaction at the particle level.

Basically like performing fMRI on a billion or so people constantly for a few years.

The human system behaved like a physical fluid, but seemed able to do very unusual things; Seemed to violate a few laws, but that was likely the result of an inaccurate interpretation.

It was still just laminar or turbulent.

The laminar was useful, but the turbulent was interesting. And so he split his lab into the two groups with a third multidisciplinary commitee to resolve conflicts and arbitrate.

He himself joined the turbulent arm.

The first experiment was a minimally interactive simulation. Just a human interface device and a projector.

Just the hands and the eyes.

output input.