Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It Was Time to Kill the gods.

They were just too damn old.

They needed to go.

They had the power and they were going to end human reproduction.

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:| said...

How to kill a human that might be perhaps thousands of years old.

And so rich.

These ones had armies. But we had progress.

Still, with all our wit and clever exploits there would be things found which we may fail to explain.

I replaced myself with the super-entangled analogue of my body.

Under ordinary circumstances, I would feel normal to touch, but when an energetic reaction above a certain threshold takes place, say being hit by a truck, my body would resist with unexpected results.

I would also, not be myself for a few microseconds.

Would I die?

Something like me would come out the other end, but is it me?

As I thought this, the process occurred.

I was ready now, but would I be ready then?