Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The final archive

we had just arrived, the archive was really here.

in the first thousand years of the internet revolution, many pieces of data were corrupted or modified. Authenticity was difficult or impossible to identify. A data store of original files would be archived and shot into space.

This archive would be unsealed by us and we would have our opportunity to affect the memes of society. We would have our chance to modify history.

It had been done before and will be done again. This is not the final archive.


b love said...

We were halfway back to Earth when our electronics whiz Jimmy managed to establish a crude digital interface to the archive. The archive was carefully designed with read-only data ports and many internal checks against tampering, so we felt safe in accessing it without risking its integrity.

To pass the time, we perused some of our favorite lore of the earliest days of the internet.

"Hey, look up Ronald Reagan. Was he really the first cat whose brain was used to power a website? I always wondered what happened after they disconnected him."

Jimmy ran a query on Wikipedia, the early internet's predecessor to Unibrain. "Uh, guys, you're not gonna believe this..."

:| said...

Jimmy had discovered that the unique identifier for this recovered archive matched the list of wikipedia's missing databases. But this wasn't just another fragment of the sum of human knowledge. This was a legendary piece we had found.

As I stared, my eyes were unbelieved by me - I was looking at THE Wiki!

More precisely, an the most complete and sought-after ancient database for Wikipedia. It was rumored to contain articles from all the way back to a mere 30 years after the creation of Wikipedia itself.

Jimmy let out a sound which at first sounded like he'd lost something, "Oh what? Are you kidding me?"

Jimmy's voice then reflected excitement and disbelief, "This archive supplies us with compression algorithms which are 3 times as effective as any current schemes!" He shook his head in astonishment, "This thing simply dwarfs all the yet recovered databases. Imagine what information is in here. Unibrain will FREAK when it sees this. I can't wait to hear what they discover."

My mind couldn't help making itself up. I faced Jimmy squarely, "Jimmy. We're opening it."