Monday, October 22, 2007

The Hun in the Sun

"Look here man! This gravitational extrapolation shows that cometary distances have been increasing around Earth, but none of the other planets. I have data which leads me to believe that some of the early objects that passed within one million miles were not "comet-like" at all. I don't yet know how to increase the resolution of the gravitational wave sensors, but it is undeniable that there is some kind of unusual...see here, I'll be frank, it looks artificial - like a perimeter. It looks to me like suddenly, 50 or so years ago, near-Earth debris suddenly decreased sharply in frequency."

"OK, OK. I see the graphs, and yes these ones do show a very smooth distribution of disturbance in the field - now mind you, I still doubt these resolutions you are claiming - but yes, overall I think you have a compelling argument to support your distance idea."

"That's fine. In fact I expect that you will be skeptical about my resolutions. Why I am showing this all to you is because I want you to get some time on your telescope and view a certain near earth object in as much detail as time permits. Please use high resolution. Look, I have a memory stick here with an unregistered node-stealer on it, so you can get higher resolution at the cost of some one's crappy simulation."

"Well, I'm not about to cheat on this, so you can keep your pirate tools. However, I will certainly observe this near earth object in detail. I really want some good real-time data to compare to your's."

"Thank you. I'm certain the detail will be stunning. I cannot wait to see your results."

As her friend left, she sat at her terminal and brought up the library computing process list. She queued-up a perfectly undetectable control program to wait for the appearance of his login.

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