Monday, August 20, 2007

Cast Off

He suddenly could view it. It wasn't clear, but it was there.

This woman had tried for millennia to reach him. She had maneuvered through various realities until she had finally manifested herself to him.

But he was already taken.

He had dismissed her appearance as he simultaneously realized it's presence. It was too late for him to retract his action. She was gone again, as she had been until that point.

Would she attempt to reach him again? Weaving through various realities, living painful lives.

And suddenly he felt very self-important while simultaneously realizing that feeling might be the reason she was trying to reach him.

THen what of the one who loved him now? Perhaps they both cared.

The now flooded back. He was sitting in front of his television, the video was playing, his cigarette was dangling. He was himself again. Suddenly he realized what he had accomplished. He had truly caught a glimpse of the nexus of interdimensional travel, and it truly all took place through the mind.

One needed only to be willing to be the jump-point for another and they could then choose a jump-point of their own.

Both individuals would instantly swap realities in a seamless and transparent way. In fact, the memories of both individuals and their coinciding continuity of consciousness would be uninterrupted. But a swap will have taken place, the only residue being the memory of the intention.

Also, return to a prior reality is impossible.

He had viewed it, he had seen her. She had sought him out and now he had the opportunity to chase after her, to try to catch-up or meet her halfway.

But it would mean leaving behind that which he loved. But would he really leave it at all? Wouldn't he still be himself in that reality? Wouldn't he have never left.

It was daunting. A simple choice. And yet he couldn't bring himself to pursue her through the nexus.

He turned off the television and found his way into bed.

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